When an entity launches a campaign about drunk driving, the goal is not to make you feel bad for a DUI or to otherwise point a finger at you. This is especially true about the “Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving” campaign from the Ad Council. This campaign is about helping you to avoid about DUI in Texas. It provides helpful information and tips to ensure that you do not get behind the wheel after having too much to drink.  

Looking at this campaign, it uses humor to get its point across. This is not to make fun of anyone. Humor just helps to engage people better, which allows them to get their message across more clearly. Here are three other things to know about this drunk driving campaign.  

1. The message addresses a common misconception

Many DUIs happen because people do not think they are drunk. You probably understand that assessing your own level of inebriation often fails. This campaign helps to bring that into focus. It helps you to see that even if you may not feel drunkyour perception is not always accurate.  

2. The campaign includes self-assessment tools

The tagline for the campaign is “Probably Okay Isn’t Okay.” The idea is that even if you think you are okay, the chances are that you are not and should not get behind the wheel. It gives you a way to check yourself that even being under the influence will not affect.  

You know when you are not certain that you are fine to drive that you should let someone else take the wheel or call a cab. This tagline sticks in the mind and is something you likely will remember the next time you are out drinking, thus allowing you to better self-assess and make the right decision.  

3. These campaigns work

While the campaign is funny and generally light, it does have a serious effect. Campaigns like this help encourage people to stop others from drunk driving and stopping themselves from doing it. It helps bring awareness to an issue that takes a life every hour.  

While getting a DUI charge is something you likely regret, you do not have to live through it again. Campaigns like this from the Ad Council work hard to help you avoid a future DUI.